Ebbetts Pass Snow Play

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Go Prepared for Winter Fun

Playing in the Snow

Young and old alike enjoy the sport of playing in the snow, whether it is careening in a saucer down a banked mountain course, making snow angles in fresh powder, or crafting a giant snowman. For many who have rented cabins above the snowline, the best place to frolic in the snow is right outside your back door. For those who drive up from below, however, finding a safe place for children to play can sometimes be a challenge.

We've got a few suggestions here - some places better known than others.

Try the Sno-Parks

girl sliding down snow hill on suacer

There are three Sno-Parks on Highway 4, one at the Spicer Meadow Road turnoff, another at the end of the plowed highway near Lake Alpine, and a new one, Round Valley, off Highway 207 leading to the Bear Valley Ski Resort. Sno-Parks have two big advantages over other spots along the highway - toilets and parking.

The facilities at the Round Valley Sno-Park are the newest. Snowmobiling is not allowed at Round Valley. A nearby slope is popular for saucers, tubes, and similar sliding activities. The Sno-Park at the end of the road at lake Alpine has been recently upgraded.

Sno-Parks are parking areas maintained in the winter to allow people to park safely and pursue winter activities such as cross-county skiing or snowmobiling. They have pit toilets available. To use a Sno-Park you must have a permit. You can purchase a day permit for $5 or an annual pass (Nov. 1 - May 30) for $25. They are good at any California Sno-Park.

Passes can be purchased at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods or Sierra Nevada Adventure Co. in Arnold. In Bear Valley purchase your pass at Alpine Snowmobile Center. Permits may also be purchased online for an additional $1.95 at
Sno-Park Permits.

map of Sno-Parks on Highway 4, CA

Round Valley, Lake Alpine and Spicer Sno-Parks

The new Round Valley Sno-Park has a small parking lot, new restrooms, and a nearby sliding hill. With no snowmobiles allowed there, it is a favorite for families who want to play in the snow and for cross-country skiers.

The Lake Alpine Sno-Park has been recently upgraded. Visitors will find new restrooms, an unloading zone for snowmobiles, and new parking areas. There are to play in the snow there.

Spicer has a parking lot and portable toilets and places to play in the snow.


Bear Valley Cross Country Children's Sliding Hill

2017-2018 Season

snow sliding hill at Bear Valley, CA

Small Sliding Hill

Bear Valley Cross Country, known as Bear Valley Adventure Company in the summer, has sledding and tubing hills near its cross country ski trails. The hills range from gentle to moderate and are available for anyone ages 3 and older. You will find the area directly across the highway from the entrance to Bear Valley Village.

Only equipment rented from Bear Valley Cross Country may be used on the hills. This has several advantages: 1) You don't need to haul bulky sleds in your car and blow up inner tubes. 2) Because only light weight sleds and tubes are rented there, no one will be plowing into you with an old-fashion, heavy, wooden toboggan.

snow sliding hill at Bear Valley, CA

Sled Rental: $14 per person for a 2-hour session
Tube Rental: $16 per person for a 2-hour session
Non-Sledding Access to the Area: $3
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
(209) 753-2834
Bear Valley Cross Country


Tamarack Lodge

Tamarack Lodge, 3 miles west of Bear Valley, has opened its small sliding hill to day use visitors for $20 a day per car. The sliding hill is open from 11 AM to 4 PM . Five acres of snowy terrain include the sliding hill and places for snowshoers to explore. A limited number of sleds and snowshoes are available for use on the property. Day use fee includes access to the common room with a fireplace, an inside picnic area, and restrooms. Self serve drinks are available for a donation.

Tamarack Lodge, Highway 4, CA

209-736-9902   Tamarack Lodge


Find Your Own Snow Play Area

After roads have been plowed, many small turnouts become available that give access to some nice snow play areas. Be sure to park completely off the highway. Few of these places have restrooms nearby.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Sleds, toboggans, tubes, disks, and such are now allowed Calaveras Big Trees State Park. The parks asks that you please use common sense and keep speeds slow for safety's sake. ($10 entrance fee)

two kids sliding down snow hill on suacer

Across from the Fire Station at Big Trees Village

This area draws lots of sledders because there is a long turnout there where you can park and a passable hill for sliding. Trees and other obstacles can make it a challenge. The nearest restrooms and food are at Camp Connell, 1 mile west.

Forest Road 6N58

To find this spot drive 2.8 miles east from Camp Connell (or 1 mile east of Meko Dr.) to an intersection with forest roads on either side of the highway. Park in a plowed out area on either side. The slope on the north side of the highway is very gradual but it may satisfy younger children. For a more exciting hill, walk up a 100 feet to a T intersection and turn left. One quarter mile down the road is a good hill.

Black Springs Road

Drive 7 miles east of Camp Connell to the Black Springs Road turnoff. There is a hill that curves down toward the highway. Farther up Black Springs Road are other places for snow play away from the highway.

Big Meadows

Big Meadows is a good place for snowball fights and snowmen, but it is hard to find a good sliding hill there.

Tamarack Lodge

Guests at Tamarack Lodge have access to a sledding hill.


Snow Play on Sonora Pass and Carson Pass

Sonora Pass

To the south on Sonora Pass is Leland High Sierra Snow-Play area, a developed sliding hill complete with a lodge, sliding equipment, and even lifts. All the information is on Sonora Pass Vacations.

Carson Pass

To the north on Carson Pass are four Sno-Parks and lots of little hills just right for sliding. Visit our sister website, Up and Over Carson Pass.